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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 18, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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>> reporter: i'm bob redell. just how much to get tickets for this sunday's 49ers championship game. >> reporter: leaving hundreds of young softball players in the dark. i have that story, coming up. >> bulldozers and jack hammers as brecks turn bricks turn to dust. the 11:00 am news starts right now.
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good morning. thanks for being with us at 11:00. i'm marla tellez. >> and i'm jon kelley. yes, the 49ers, one victory away from that super bowl. while the fans feeling the magic as well, just two hours away from scoring tickets to sunday's playoff game. >> that is, of course, if all the season ticket holders have not snatched them all up yet. bob redell has been searching the internet, looking for tickets. now he joins us live. >> ticket master has been selling tickets to season ticket holders only about an hour or so. then at 1:00, in a few hours from now, couple of hours, tickets go on sale to the general public. they expect there will be a very limited number of that's going to be available. however, you go to other websites, like stub hub, where tickets are available to the game. you've got to be willing to fork out a huge chunk of change, ranging anywhere from $350 to
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$1,500 range. yes, tickets are available, but they'll cost you a chunk of change. another option, become best friends with vince caba, san carlos man who won four tickets to the game from team owner ted york. no one is much more deserving than vince caba. you're about to see why. his wife was in labor this past saturday, he turned on the tv in the labor room to catch the 49ers amazing win. he assures us it was actually his wife's idea to turn on the tube. here is the tweet he sent out. @jedyork, my first child was born during saturd'sgame. >> this is while your wife is in contraction? >> she's going to get me for this one but, yes, this is while my wife is in contractions, but
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she is a trouper. she's great. the best thing i have. she opened up a new life for me and everything is just awesome. >> the baby boy is doing well, as well. he tells us he's going to ask his brother to go to the game and two other guy friends. big question mark, his wife ofl staying home with vince jr. though he promises us that he has promised her an extravagant shopping trip, some sort of upgrade to make up for his absence on sunday. reporting live here in the control room, bob redell. jon and marla? >> that is one smart man. some louis vuittons don't hurt. a child crossing the street hit by a school bus in campbell. three kids were on the bus when it hit the child at south winchester avenue at campbell avenue. thankfully, the child who was hit only suffered minor injuries. the kids on board the bus and
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the driver are all okay. however, we're guessing they are probably pretty shaken up. in the south bay, thieves are stealing more than just copper, robbing hundreds of girls of practice time. east valley softball league scrambling after thieves took the wire and team equipment from ocala middle school in east san jose, where stephanie truang joining us live. the president of the league says the girls are just devastated. >> reporter: they're devastated because they're looking at much less practice time, maybe no practice time. you can see right here, one point where the copper thieves came here at the middle school and tried to cut the wires. some people tried to fix some of that right now. the thieves didn't stop there, actually. they came over to this shed that was locked and stole two pitching machines worth $1,500 a pop. that's not all. they also stole golf cart
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batteries, of all things. the saddest part of this, the young east valley softball players in that league, ages 5 to 18. scheduled practices kick off in two weeks and they may not be able to even play or practice because by then, of course, it will be dark around 6:00. now the worry is that they'll be robbed not only of practice and game time but of their spirit. >> it's like everything is getting stolen, taken from this many. a lot of the kids don't understand why somebody is stealing wire. they don't understand people are taking it for money or -- >> reporter: so far, no arrests have been made. the money from registration now has to go to the pitching machines and light repair, easily thousands of dollars. coaches and parents are scrambling to raise that money so the girls don't have a spoiled season. stephanie truang.
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marla, jon, back to you. >> thank you, stephanie. state parks in danger of closing, education system in crisis. a few of the issues governor jerry brown is tackling in a state of the state address. governor brown wrapping up his speech minutes ago in sacramento. what he's doing? attempting a tricky balancing act there. the trickiest part, convincing californians to let the state raise taxes to help the state climb out of its $9 billion budget hole. >> we're not there. we're left with unfinished business, closing the remaining gap. again, i propose cuts and temporary taxes. in a world still reeling from the collapse of the financial system, it makes no sense to spend more than we have. >> no doubt about it. a tough job for the governor to pull off there. we will, of course, keep you posted on any new information on
11:07 am and at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00 tonight. >> the city of oakland is mailing out another round of pink slips. the city is sending out 1,500 warnings of potential layoffs today. fewer than 200 employees are actually expect ed to lose thei jobs. the city says it wants to be prepared for the worst. the layoffs are being prompted by the loss of $30 million in redevelop money. notices will go to employees in every city department except police and fire. occupy protesters in san francisco say they are ready to take over streets again. this morning, they announced they'll picket banks throughout the city on friday. the organizers say it will be the largest street protests the city has seen since the anti-war rallies in 2003. they're calling the day of action occupy wall street west. one man who spoke a few moments ago said his time serving in iraq prompted him to protest. >> i am occupying wall street west because corporations are
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profiting off the war at the expense of the 99%. >> the protesters say the rallies will start before the stock market opens up on friday and activists are also planning a march and a flash mob event at justin herman plaza. this morning, xhem commemor bricks lining a walkway near the golden gate bridge are turning to rubble. chri christie smith is live. it's an emotional day for people that had personal messages inscribed on those bricks. >> reporter: that's exactly right. good morning to you, marla. you could walk past all this construction going out here this morning and not realize how emotional it is for some people until you see them out here, in tears. because the bricks that are being torn out are sentimental, purchased 25 years ago as part of the 50th anniversary of the golden gate bridge, started at about $32. some have names of loved ones on
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them and sentiments. the path that they're laid on right now is not in compliance in the americans with disabilities act. one woman got really upset as she told me she would love to get back the five bricks her dad bought the family in 1988. >> if i can get there, i even brought paper and crayons to make a tracing. i have so many pictures of them, so many pictures of them. if i had known this was happening, i would have come by earlier and done this. >> we did do testing of individual brick removal and the cost to do that would have been prohibitive. and the bricks were crumbling. >> reporter: about two dozen people have already told the bridge district that they're quite upset over the bricks coming out, but they will get something, a tribute wall with the same inscriptions as the original brick. photos of the brick will be available and a new google app that re-creates the walkway that
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was out here. i spoke with cynthia before she left, telling me she did not get her bricks back but is happy with what the bridget district is planning. and actually got a couple of pictures before the bricks were torn out. back to you. >> thank you, christie. it's been chili here. this morning, severe weather slamming in the pacific northwest, canceling flights here in the bay area. you're looking at live sfo. we'll not go live right now, i guess. at least one flight so far has been canceled. take a look at this snow here. that flight in seattle was canceled because of all that snow up in seattle right now. it is a tough one to get through. some people are replacing their cars with snowmobiles just to try to get around. yeah. that's exactly what is happening. a lot of snow up there. look at that space needle. barely see it in all the snow. plows are out there, doing their
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thing. we see that happening. seattle, christina loren is joining us. >> the exact same potent winter storm is on its way, as we speak. you still have one dry day before the showers start. after they start that pattern lasts well into the upcoming weekend and next week as well. you can see that storm track along the pacific northwest. they're talking about potentially getting their yearly amount, average of yearly rain and snowfall in seattle over the course of this storm alone. two more back behind it that are very potent. stayingdry. major changes. here's the deal. thursday, showers start tomorrow morning, periods of rain later on in the day. friday, more potent system, rain returns by early afternoon. relentless rain all the way to next tuesday. sunday, the coldest and most
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potent storm arrives, snow levels down to 3,500 feet and heavy bouts of rain during the game. as we head through the next forecast, i'll time it out hour by hour and telly. you when the heaviest rain is slated to hit your doorstep. we're looking for breaks in the rain. not too many opportunities to get outside without having to dodge those showers. >> mother nature bringing it full force. thank you very much. >> football players are tough, though. >> they can handle it. real men out there on that football field. >> thank you, christina. >> is tebow time about to turn into tea time at pebble beach? we'll tell you if the broncos' qb is hitting the links with tiger woods. lack of wikipediahe a the latest out of yahoo! after jerry yang steps down.
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welcome back, everyone.
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great internet blackout is in full force. >> thousands of sites have gone offline this morning in protest of two proposed anti-piracy laws that critics say go too far. scott mcgrew says those critics have made their case. >> good morning to you. this site really is over. you can't find a congressperson in washington right now who thinks the two bills you mentioned are worth fighting for. hearing scheduled by san diego congressman darryl issa that would have attacked those two laws were canceled today. let's take a tour around the internet. wikipedia in black sha, taking english language offline. there are two funny tweets from high school students angry about wikipedia offline. and craigslist. you can click through at the bottom of that site. google didn't go offline but instead added a black bar over
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its logo. yahoo! founder jerry yang said he would step down from that company's board and a day later market shares are higher. john, first shakeup since yahoo! got a new ceo, scott thompson, probably not the last. >> probably not the last. i've been hearing that there could be some more board members who also step down, particularly chairman roy bostock is one who people are looking at. the board has a lot of work to do. they've been looking at potentially spinning off asian assets, including yahoo! japan and ali baba, a lot of yahoo!'s market value is tied up in those assets. investors looking for some sort of deal with those. >> investors haven't been very angry with yang. >> you think about jerry -- before larry and sergei, there was david phylo and jerry yang,
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who made one of the best uses of the worldwide web, just coming out at the time and yahoo! is still a $20 billion company by market cap. not a lot of people can say they've created that much value. sure, it would have been $40 billion if you had stopped the clock years ago with microsoft. but jerry yang still well respected in silicon valley despite what many people would call strategic blunders. >> finally, john, do we know what's ahead for him? he's stepping down to take more time for himself, et cetera. but do we have an incling of what's ahead for jerry yang? >> i have not heard. he has not said. philanthropy is usually the trend. and he and his wife have been already involved in that respect. >> good information there.
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thank you, scott. a winter chill is settling all over the bay area. >> break out the ear muffs, scarves, all that good stuff. people wake iing up with frost their car windows, compliments of jack frost in san jose. meteorologist christina loren is here with a look at that cold, chilly, frigid forecast. >> good news about the approaching storm system is we aren't going to see frigid continues. the reason why is because the clouds are rolling in right now. they'll trap in whatever warmth we do accumulate today and lock it in for the bay area. we need that rain. probably just to clear this camera off. golden gate bridge, you can see it has not been cleaned for a while and your plants probably need that moisture we're expecting. let's get right to it. 52 in san francisco later today. 55 in okay land and 56 in gilroy. today is your last dry day, your last opportunity to get anything indoors that you don't want damaged from the rain. we have a lot on the way. starts all tomorrow morning. shores are still to the north,
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north of ukiah. it times out like this. we'll set your future cast in motion. stop the clock at 8:00 am. showers start to slide into the north bay. we continue the futurecast. first of three storms that will come into the bay area. this will break about 4:00 am friday, a nice period of dry weather, at least until noon on friday. then another, stronger, more moisture-rich system comes through. take a look at this red, yellow, orange, embedded within the green. that's heavy in places like san jose. we'll stop the clock at 10:00 pm. that's when we finally start to get rid of the second system. saturday we'll see a few on and off-like showers. by 11:00 pm, this is our accumulation total. that yellow and orange is potentially upwards of 2" in the greater bay area. not a lot of drying out time before we get to the whopper storm that moves through on sunday. that's right, during the nfc championship game. it will be wet.
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wind also potential for isolated thunderstorms. we are going to be watching the forecast very carefully for you. if you're headed to the game, make sure you bring your rain gear with you. if you're watching that game, it could be pretty exciting. a little bit of sloppy football, right here in the bay area. as we head through saturday, sunday, heavy rain continues. by monday and tuesday, we'll see lighter showers and continue with that wet pattern. the jet stream stays right over us. this is your last opportunity to do it while it's dry. back to you guys. >> do it and do it well. thank you very much. from the huddle to the front nine. the question is, is tim tebow hitting the links with tiger woods at pebble beach? whether he is or not in a few minutes. who says diamonds are a girl's best friend? check out this massrds. and, yes, it is orerd. and, yes, it is real. whoa!
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police activity near mowry avenue near cherry street in newark. here is some video of the situation right now. an employee at a business in the area tells us a police pursuit of a robbery suspect or suspects has ended in a rollover crash, and we're told someone may be dead. but there is a large police presence and we do have a crew en route. we will bring you more information, just as soon as we get it. again, this breaking news is happening in newark. organizers for the america's kup yac cup yacht race wants you to swap your car for a bike. they are encouraging bike sharing and will open a new path in one lane of the embarcadero to make room for pedestrians and bicyclists. >> it would have been cool but it turns out that this guy you see here, tim tebow, will not be partnering up with tiger woods
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in the pro-am pebble beach tournament. dallas cowboys quarterback tony romo, requesting to play together. tebow fans, take heart. it's still possible tebow will be hitting the links come february. >> bling that will not fit on a ring. check this out. and, yes, it is real. it's about to get sold off to the highest bidder. how much is it going for? stay tuned to
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welcome back. time now is 11:26. you see those clouds thickening up. yeah, sunny skies a thing of the past for now. as we head through tomorrow morning, the first steady rain is moving into the north bay. here's the deal. as you head throughout saturday, we'll get a little bit of a break. way, the coldest of three that will impact the bay area, as we head through the next four days.
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we'll continue to update you here on nbc bay area. jeff will have the latest at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. for now, we'll send it back to you. >> christina, thank you very much. everyone, especially ladies, brace yourself for 25 pounds of glory and pure bling. >> the rock that can never be worn. and it's breaking records. check out the world's largest cut emerald. this is just gorgeous. >> open the bag. >> 57,500 carats. >> what? >> mined in brazil and even has the name. the tiadora, which means gift of god. a man in calgary is auctioning it off next week. bidding starts at half a million dollars. a steal, though, considering it's valued at more than a million dollars. i think it's $1.12 million value. >> 57,500 carats. i saw that in the "wizard of
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oz," didn't i? emerald city. >> no woman is going to say no to that. >> 57,000 carats. >> uh-huh. >> check us out all day long at
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